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Relax and nature! Accommodation at Chill Inn Eco-Suites!

If you are looking for the best service, comfort and the best landscape, our Inn is your place. In Chill Inn Eco-Suites, nature lovers will relax and enjoy the Atlantic Rainforest in Serra da Bocaina. Come and stay in this piece of paradise, and find out why we love this place so much.

Chill Inn Eco-Suites is located in the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest in Serra da Bocaina. We are in the Paraty-Cunha Road, just 5 km away from the Historic Center of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have a crystal clear river with waterfalls and natural pools, just in front of us and really easy to access.

Nature and Accommodation in Paraty

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What could be better? Comfort, treatment and the best view. We have one magnificent lounge and bar, a sports court, a big kitchen and many barbecue grills. We have a variety of tours and excursions to offer: boat tours in the Paraty Bay, Jeep tours to the distilleries and to Ecological trails, rafting, beach visits and more. Full & Exquisite FREE Brazilian Breakfast.

Nature and Accommodation Paraty!

Our Private Rooms

All rooms are en-suite, bright and fresh. Chill Inn Eco Suites offers rooms with A/C and fan. They include private bathroom with hot shower, and free Wi-Fi. All private rooms have Fridge.

Prices starting at R$95

Accommodation in a Chalet in Paraty

New Chalet Deluxe next to the waterfalls

At our new Chalet Deluxe, nature and outdoors lovers, will have a place to relax and enjoy the Mata Atlántica na Serra da Bocaina. Stay at this piece of heaven and find out why we love it here so much. Enjoy your holidays with all your home facilities, rent our house by the waterfalls!

Prices starting at R$321

Accommodation in an Eco Relic House – Converted Building in Paraty

Eco Relic House – Converted Building

Our ​Reclaimed Relic ​Building ​is the result of our love for ​the Brazilian Heritage​,​​ ​adventure and all things old​! To us, the place we f​ound is ​valuable not only because of ​it’s​ age or rarity, but because of the personal and collective stories held within ​it​. Th​is building and objects ​inside tell us what our towns, our farms and our factories were like and how our ancestors lived.

Prices starting at R$321

Accommodation Bungalow in Paraty

Bungalow for up to 4 people

At our Bungalow, everyone will have a place to relax and enjoy all that Paraty has to offer with all your home facilities surrounded by the incredible nature of the Serra da Bocaina rain forest national park!!

Prices starting at R$190

Chill Inn Eco-Suites
Chill Inn Eco-Suites offers affordable packages and prices to have your choice for relaxing and happiness. Click here for Reservations and Inquiries to enjoy an unforgettable trip with the best prices. We have other contact options: call (+55) 24 3373-1302 or send us an email to [email protected] .
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Brazilian nature is waiting for you!

Other accommodation options in Paraty

Would you like to have breakfast by the beach? Take a look at accommodation in Paraty, in front of the beach and just 5 mins away from Paraty’s Historic Centre!

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